1. What is Songkran 2.0?
"Songkran" comes from the Sanskrit language which brings the meaning of transformation or change. A large part of the culture in THAILAND is for the entire country to celebrate this festive season by having public wide friendly water fights! Come and celebrate Songkran with us in our home of Malaysia and experience the festivities like never before! Like our event last year which was such a huge success, and now we’re back! And this time BIGGER AND BETTER! Come join us at Songkran 2.0!

2. Where and when is it?
Our event will be held at Lightbox, Lightgrey, Sungai Buloh 14 th and 15 th of April 2018.

3. Is this and indoor or outdoor event?
This is strictly an outdoor event.

4. How do I get tickets?
The tickets are available online, however worry not as tickets are also available over the counter (OTC) but only in a limited quantity.

5. How many types of tickets are there?
There are two types of tickets and the pricing of the tickets are below:
Pre-Sale 1 st Feb – 28 th February 2018
RM38 Standard Package
RM53 Upgraded Package

Early Bird 1 st – 31 st March 2018
RM48 Standard Package
RM63 Upgraded Package

Normal Price 1 st April Onwards
RM58 Standard Package
RM73 Upgraded Package

6. What are the differences between the Standard Package(SP) and Upgraded Package(UP)?
The difference between the two packages are in the accessories which you receive during the event.
Standard Package (SP)
-- T-Shirt
-- Wristband Ticket
-- Waterproof Pouch
-- Mini Balloon (Water Balloon War)
Upgraded Package (UP)
-- T-Shirt
-- Wristband Tickets
-- Waterproof Pouch
-- Mini Balloon (Water Balloon War)

7. May I make the purchase on behalf of my friends/family/acquaintance?
Yes. However, the registered person MUST be present during the event for ticket collection.

Eg: If you are making payment for your son/daughter/guest, please register using the details (Name, Age, I.C Number) of your son/daughter/guest and you make the payment.

8. How do I make payment for the tickets?
We accept two modes of payment:
i) Online Transfer through our website
ii) Credit Card

9. I have purchased my tickets online, so how do I redeem my tickets?
Please bring your printed or electronic invoice over to our counter during the event, and our friendly representatives will assist you in redeeming the tickets.

10. May I exchange my tickets for a different day (Online Purchase)?

11. What time does the event starts and ends?
For both days 14 th and 15 th April
From 3pm - 8pm

12. What if it rains?
This is a rain or shine event fear not. However due to the unpredictability of the weather, in an event of heavy rain or thunderstorm the event will be paused up till a more permissible weather and we will resume the activities.

13. I have received the conformation – is this my tickets? Do I have to print this?
You may print out the tax invoice or just show your confirmation email to our friendly representative over the ticket counter to redeem your wristband ticket, please bring along Identity card/Passport for verification purpose.

14. Can I transfer my tickets (Online Purchase)?
No, the tickets are not transferable.

15. Are the tickets refundable if I am not able to attend?
No. Strictly the tickets are not refundable.

16. Do kids get in for free? Any age restrictions?
No, but all guests will enter at your own risk. Thus, we strongly suggest younger visitors to attend the event with supervision of a guardian/parent.

17. I don’t want to buy the tickets online, how can I get the tickets?
You may purchase your tickets over the counter at the venue when the event has started. However please note that the event t-shirts and water guns are limited in quantity.

18. Is there parking at the venue? Is it free?
Yes, parking is free. We have about 350 bays of indoor basement car park. There is also the Sungai Buloh MRT and KTM station within 1KM from our site. Shuttle service will be provided during the event so do feel free to use this service. There will also be public transportation direct to our location including a Bus Service where you can get off at the "Stellar's Grocer" stop.

19. How long would I spend there?
You may enjoy up to 5 hours here per day.

20. I want to use public transport- what’s the best way?
Sg Buloh MRT Station is less than 1km away and the feeder bus stops at our venue. In addition, we will also arrange our own FREE shuttle service between MRT Station and our venue during the event. There will also be public transportation from the KTM and MRT Station direct to our location including a Bus Service where you can get off at the "Stellar's Grocer" stop.

21. The activities look really enjoyable, I have some health issues will I be able to enjoy all the attractions?
Yes, all our attractions are safe. However, if you have a health concern please do check with your medical practitioner just to be safe.

22. When will the Aurora Lights be on?
The Aurora lights will be on at 7.45pm for 15 minutes to close the show.

23. Can I take photos of the event?
Yes of course!

24. Will there be food?
Food kiosks will be available during the whole event.

25. Can I smoke onsite?
Within the event venue, smoking is prohibited.

26. What items are not allowed into the event?

  • • Alcohol
  • • Pets
  • • Drugs
  • • Vape Device/Refill
  • • Weapons
  • • Laser Pointers
  • • Outside Waterguns

27. Who can I contact If I have more questions?
For more information on Songkran2.0, you can email us at : info@lightbox.com.my or contact us on our facebook page.
And follow our Facebook page for all the latest updates on our event: